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The future of testing.

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

Wow. I just watched an inspired talk by┬áJames Whittaker of Microsoft Corp. On first inspection it does appears like he’s just consumed 176 cups of coffee, but if you wind up to his speed and aren’t offended by his informal ‘off-the-wall’ style he’s actually got some pretty interesting points.

The insights from the gaming industry are very interesting, the ‘heads up display’ is a cracking idea, I’ve always wished there was a way of looking inside the javascript compiler to watch my code getting executed rather than having to use breakpoints and step overs.

I would also like to see the further adoption of heat maps to analyse and visualise code and a way of generating live reactive decision tree’s would be absolutely f*cking awesome.

The concepts of cloud testing and packing up vm’s to enable quick reproduction of tests is also quite important and again I’m sure will be adopted and modified by the web community.

One thing he missed and is something I am quite keen to see adopted is the recording of testers actions. For some reason, a fair number of bugs that can’t be reproduced are down to the tester’s not realising what events took place in order to construct that scenario. With recorded screens the developers and the testers can easily watch the full set of events unfold and diagnose the problem far quicker as there may be things happening that don’t manifest visually but that the developer knows is occurring in the background.

At the beginning of the talk, he shows a microsoft envisaging video that he then claims could never work due to bugs, I disagree, with people like him around and business leaders realising the full benifits of proper testing, we can make that happen and sooner that one might think.